Everything regarding FiveM Development

Where can i download my purchased Scripts?

After purchase you will receive a download link via E-Mail so make sure, you've entered the correct one!

If you dont get the E-Mail after 15 Minutes, contact our Suppor-Team via E-Mail: support@egopvp.com

My server keeps stopping if i start your script

If this is the case, remember to enter your Tebex Buyer's E-Mail & Tebex Transaction ID into the "config.lua" file!

This needs to be done to Authenticate you, using the Script.

What if the Script gets Updated or Bugfixxed after i bought it?

If that happens, all buyers will be informed via E-Mail and will receive their new Download link.

Where can i find information about FiveM Blips or Marker?

All informations can be found in the FiveM Documentation:

Blip:  https://docs.fivem.net/docs/game-references/blips/

Marker: https://docs.fivem.net/docs/game-references/markers/

Everything regarding Discord Development

What if i want to have more features in my bot than initially planned?

How can i get new features into my bot, after my order was completed?

Can you help me Installing my bot to my server?

What are the reccomended server specs to host the bot?

Will i get the source-code even if you host the Bot for me?

You, the customer, will always receive access to the full Source-Code of your Discord-Bot. A download link will be provided to you, if your bot has been made.

Can i get Access to the Server, if you host it for me?

What will happen, if my hosting time is over?

Bot abuse & spam