erp_racing - 1v1 Racing Script (ESX)

You decide how much to pay.

Battle your Friends in epic 1 vs 1 races across LosSantos!

This Script is your selection if you need a high performing 1v1 racing script for your FiveM server with everything changeable and the possibility to create **YOUR OWN** custom races!


  • Multi-Language support
  • Custom Blips, Markers, Colors for everything! 
  • No limit for Checkpoint amounts per race 
  • Low performance impact
  • Every vehicle is supported


Its up to you. Minimum is set to 5,- €



How to install

  1. After your Purchase, you will get the download URL via E-Mail
  2. Download the Script from our Servers
  3. Copy the Folder into your resources/  folder
  4. Add ensure erp_racing to your server.cfg
  5. Change your script language in the config.lua file
  6. Add your custom races to the Config.races list like shown 
  7. Change other stuff in the config.lua file to your preferred settings
  8. Restart your FiveM Server
  9. Have fun using the Script :) 


  • es_extended - 1.x  (Show messages & multi-language support)

Language Support

  • de | German
  • en | English
  • fr | French


Setting in config.luaDescription
TebexIDYour Tebex transaction ID

The E-Mail you have entered when paying


Language selection


How far markers & text should be visible


How near do i have to be to the marker middle to interact with it


The type of the starting marker


The size of the starting marker

MarkerColorR / G / B / A

Color of the starting marker -> RED / GREEN / BLUE / ALPHA (transparency)


Hud text color (R, G, B, A)


Make the markers appear flat on the earth by putting them below it

How to set up a race

Simply copy the existing one (line 26 -> 41 with its brackets!),add a comma to the end of the existing race and paste it there. 

Change all your coordinates, the race's name and you are done.

How to fix common issues

  • Have you entered your Tebex information into the config correctly?
  • Does your language even exist as a file? / Is it even supported?
  • Compare your config to the Original one, have you forgot something?
  • When adding a race to the list, make sure to close all brackets
  • When adding a race, make sure to separate them with a comma!
  • Do not add a comma to the end of the race list, only between them


If you need any kind of Support feel free to contact us on DISCORD or via EMAIL

Also feel free to check out our F.A.Q