Custom FiveM Script - Smol (500 Lines)


Random or Duplicate purchase of this Package will NOT be refunded.

This Service only Provides Custom-made FiveM Scripts. We do not "rework" third-party scripts!

Please talk to our Team on Discord or via Email to get a quote / Information about what you need before Purchasing!

This Package gets you a custom-made Script suiting your needs and your Ideas. The Script will have up to 500 USED  Lines of code, empty lines will not be counted. 

If the amount of Lines is reached the work will be stopped until you either get more lines or want to change the script.  You are able to buy extra lines with this package and after you bought this package.  All our Scripts are made OOP (Object-Oriented-Programming). This makes it way easier to expand and work with the code.

If you dont know how many lines/which addons you need, feel free to open a ticket in our discord server and give a breif description of your script plans so we can give you an estimate on what you need.

Current time for Delivery: 1-2 Week

How does ordering work

After ordering you need to Contact us either on Discord or via E-Mail. Together we will work out questions that may be there and all the inner-workings of your script.

Then we start on creating the Script based on your Description and your Ordered Package.

When the Script is completed it will be sent to you by E-Mail or via Discord.

Important to know for your order

  • We do not rework or Bug-fixx other 3rd Party scripts, we didnt create in the first place.
  • We do not offer GUI/Web development.
  • Please describe your Script as detailed as possible. If any changes / addtions along the way are bigger / more than your Package allows, progress will be halted until you pay for the additional work.

  • If we are unable to Contact you for 5 days after your order, we will mark the order as done and not refund it so please make sure you contact us quickly!
  • If you leave our Discord Server for whatever reason, your order will be halted. If we wont be able to contact you again within 3 days your order will be marked done and not be refunded.

  • With each Order you get 1 month of Free Bugfixxing & help with errors & problems related to your new script. Any Code-Changes (non bugfixxes) are a seperate package and will not be done by default.
  • We are no wizards. To fix any bugs or problems., please describe your problems and what you did as good as you can. We might need your Config files or other infos to reproduce the error too. If you fail to give this info to us, we will stop fixxing it and mark your order as done.

Licensing & Source Code

  • You are not allowed to Publish or Sell your custom script to any 3rd party at any given time if you did not buy the rights to the script.
  • You will only gain acces to the escrow protected version of the Script. You will only gain access to the Source-Code if your purchase the full source-code addon or 1 month after your Support-Period ends. (normally 2 months after purchase + extended support time)
  • Without declaring it when Purchasing, you allow us to Sell the Script to other Customers in an altered form.

How can you Contact us?

You can Contact us using many ways. 




Our Website

Information about our Addons

Please talk to our Staff to make out which addons you need to buy with this package to get your script done properly.

When buying addons later, pleaese inform us that you bought this addon.